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Why people hate themselves? Why can’t they love their bodies/soul?

The question up there is merely quintessential; the cause of this general depreciation is purely unreasonable and come from a dark background!

The self-loathing/hatred is something common in the premature teenage between (15-19).

But what’s the main reason?

Unrequited love or the constant failure or maybe the obnoxiousness of life;

Let’s dig in these 3 possibilities!

How could the unrequited love cause self-loathing?..

First of all, the feelings are somewhat early factors of the psychology building so the first love / or maybe first appreciation can leave a big scar on people’s psychology;

So the unrequited love mostly known the first scar or the big pain, are a big cause of self-loathing.

Segundo, the constant failure, why is it a cause?

Simply, because facing a failure is not easy for most of people, as said in my last text, there is the strong and the weak, a minimalistic difference between people from the same kind //Humans//

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