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Un Peu de français

Même si on arrivait à supprimer les causes sociales, économiques et politiques de la violence, il y aurait encore de la violence. […] L’organisme humain traverse la vie en étant constamment exposé à toutes sortes de violences — la violence de la souffrance, de la maladie, de la faim, de la soif, de la séparation brutale d’avec les gens aimés, de la mort […] Nous ne pourrons surpasser notre vulnérabilité aux menaces omniprésentes de la violence biologique et environnementale que lorsque nous aurons complètement remodelé la composition biologique de l’organisme humain.

Personal Quote

The lack of common Sense in The world is considerably big.
The major part of humans have a different sense of ethics and a weird Moral concept.
But i wont comment on that cause Moral are SPOOKS as said Stirner and every individual should focus in his own gain in life.
Moreover i Believe that religion isn’t really a source of morality after what i saw in my country.

Favorite Quote by Rust Cohle

I think human consciousness is a tragic
misstep in evolution. We became too
selfaware. Nature created an aspect that
nature separate from itself…..
we are creatures that should not exist by natural laws..
We are things that labor under the
illusion of having a self, that accretion of
sensory experience and feelings
programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody is
nobody …. i also think the most honorable thing for our
specie is to do is to deny our programming.

Stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into
extinction .

First Essay

Ever Wanted to Kill someone
or Do something really crazy to him ?
I believe thoughts like these are completely normal in any
stream of conciousness and it’s the thoughts we choose
to act upon rather than those we discard that really matter
But I still can’t believe what dwells in the dark reaches of our minds: it’s a human
aspect we ultimately have to embrace.