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I Am Lonely

Humans as strong and complete, as they are , still have some instincive fears
i’m not here to discuss the fear of the unknown
nor the fear of pain
but i’m here to bring up the fear of loneliness.
why are we scared of such a thing?

First of all , let’s define loneliness
what is it?
Loneliness is the state where a human is left alone without any person around.
but that’s not what i’m trying to write about.
my kind of loneliness is the state where someone can’t find a significant pair, a person that could give him enough insurance, affection,trust to feel some ambiguous feeling of completion.
But to talk about the fear of it. that’s the real deal.
We simply fear loneliness because we can’t conceptualize a world without peers.
we’re social creatures
that are fed up with basic concepts
love was there
since the first day.
but loneliness was there too.
it’s just watching us frop behind
waiting for the right opportunity to catch us.
we can hold it with love
hold it with friendships
with relations.
but that’s not really enough
it will always get back to us
no matter how hard we’ll try
and one day
on the brink of death
it will slowly integrate us
then the bad thoughts will grow bigger.

So the last question is, How to stop that from happening?
i have one motto
when subjected to love
give love back
laugh till your wisdom teeth appears
live more
think less
that’s the only way to fight loneliness
it might be a dumb way
but that’s the only way.
to corner it in your subconsciousness.
but How am i supposed to find love then.
I don’t know
I’ll probably die without knowing the way.